Alla lista kirjoista, joita olen käyttänyt lähteinä blogipostauksissa ja joista löytyy lisätietoa, mikäli aihe kiinnostaa :)

Lesboseksiä käsitteleviä kirjoja englanniksi:

  • Allison Moon & Kd Diamond: Girl Sex 101, 2015 (ISBN13: 9780983830955
  • Shanna Katz: Lesbian Sex Positions, 2014 (ISBN13: 9781612432298)
  • Diana Cage: Lesbian Sex Bible   The Complete Guide to Sexual Love for Same-Sex Couples, 2014 (ISBN13: 9781592336142)
  • Nicci Talbot: Lesbian Relationships The Essential Guide, 2013 (ISBN13: 9781861442949)
  • Becky Moore: TOP Lesbian Sex Tips, Tricks & Techniques, 2011 (ISBN13: 9780615562735)
  • Jude Schell: Her Sweet Spot 101 Sexy Ways to Find and Please It, 2010 (ISBN13: 9781587610066)
  • Glenda Corwin: Sexual Intimacy for Women A Guide for Same-Sex Couples, 2010 (ISBN13: 9781580053037)
  • Jude Schell: Lesbian Sex 101 101 Lovemaking Positions, 2008 (ISBN13: 9781587613302)
  • Wendy Caster: New Lesbian Sex Book, 3rd edition, 2008 (ISBN13: 9781593500214)
  • Kat Harding: The Lesbian Kama Sutra, 2006 (ISBN13: 9780312335854)
  • Jude Schell: The Guide to Lesbian Sex, 2005 (ISBN13: 9781592581375)
  • Diana Cage: The On Our Backs Guide to Lesbian Sex, 2004 (ISBN13: 9781555838058)
  • Felice Newman: The Whole Lesbian Sex Book A Passionate Guide for All of Us, 2nd Edition, 2004 (ISBN13: 9781573441995)
  • Renate Stendhal: True Secrets of Lesbian Desire Keeping Sex Alive in Long-Term Relationships, 2003 (ISMN13: 9781556434754)
  • Wendy Caster & Rachel Kramer Bussel: The Lesbian Sex Book A Guide for Women Who Love Women, 2003 (ISBN13: 9781555837440)
  • Tracey Stevens & Katherine Wunder:  Lesbian Sex Tips A Guide For Anyone Who Wants To Bring Pleasure To The Woman She Or He Loves, 2002 (ISBN13: 9780971962828)
  • Carol Booth: Woman to Woman   A Guide to Lesbian Sexuality, 2002 (ISBN13: 9780731809530)
  • Gwen Leonard & Jennie Mast: Feathering Your Nest An Interactive Guide to a Loving Lesbian Relationship, 1997 (ISBN13: 9781883061135)
  • Jeanne Shaw & Virginia Erhardt: Journey Toward Intimacy A Handbook for Lesbian Couples, 1997 (ISBN13: 9781891257056)
  • Elaine Creith: Undressing Lesbian Sex Popular Images, Private Acts and Public Consequences, 1996 (ISBN13: 9780304328499)
  • Susan E. Johnson: Lesbian Sex An Oral History, 1996 (ISBN13: 9781562801427)
  • Zoë Schramm-Evans & Laurence Jaugey-Paget: Making Out The Book of Lesbian Sex and Sexuality, 1995 (ISBN13: 9780044409328)
  • Celeste West & Nicole Ferentz: A Lesbian Love Advisor, 1989 (ISBN13: 9780939416264)
  • Pat Califia & Tee Corinne: Sapphistry The Book of Lesbian Sexuality, 1988 (ISBN13: 9780941483247)
  • JoAnn Loulan: Lesbian Passion Loving Ourselves and Each Other, 1987 (ISBN13: 9780933216297)
  • JoAnn Gardner Loulan: Lesbian Sex, 1985 (ISBN13: 9780933216136)
  • Samois (Ed.): Coming To Power - Writings and Graphics On Lesbian S/M, 1982 (ISBN13: 9780932870285)
  • Emily L. Sisley & Bertha Harris: Joy of Lesbian Sex A Tender and Liberated Guide to the Pleasures and Problems of a Lesbian Lifestyle, 1977 (ISBN13: 9780517531594)

Lesboseksiä käsitteleviä kirjoja ruotsiksi:

  • Helene Delilah & Malinda Flodman: Stora sexboken för tjejer som har sex med tjejer, 2010 (ISBN13: 9789197911047)

Suuseksiä käsittelevää kirjallisuutta:

  • Diana Cage: Box Lunch The Layperson's Guide to Cunnilingus, 2004 (ISBN13: 9781555838492)
  • Violet Blue: The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, 2002 (ISBN13: 9781573441445)

Strap on-seksiä käsittelevää kirjallisuutta:

  • Karlyn Lotney: The Ultimate Guide To Strap-on Sex For Women The Complete Resource for Women and Men, 2000 (ISBN13: 9781573440851)

Peppuseksiä käsittelevää kirjallisuutta:

  • Tristan Taormino: The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, 2nd Edition, 2006 (ISBN13: 9781573442213)

Sekalaista muuta lesboille suunnattua kirjallisuutta:

  • Gina Daggett & Kathy Belge: Lipstick's and Dipstick's Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships, 2007 (ISBN13: 9781593500221)
  • Diana Cage: Girl Meets Girl A Dating Survival Guide, 2007 (ISBN13: 9781555839895)
  • Lauren Levin & Lauren Blitzer: Same Sex in the City (So Your Prince Charming Is Really a Cinderella), 2006 (ISBN13: 9781416916321)
  • D. Merilee Clunis & G. Dorsey Green: Lesbian Couples A Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships, 2002 (ISBN13: 9781580050418
  • Mo Brownsey: Is it a Date or Just Coffee? The Gay Girl's Guide to Dating, Sex and Romance, 2002 (ISBN13: 9781555837273
  • Linda Sutton (toim.): Love Matters: A Book of Lesbian Romance and Relationships (Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies), 1999 (ISBN13: 9781560239185)
  • Suzanna M. Rose (toim.): Lesbian Love and Relationships, 2002 (ISBN13: 9781560232650)
  • Susie Bright: Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World, 2001 (ISBN13: 9781573440776)
  • Marcia Munson (toim.): The Lesbian Polyamory Reader Open Relationships, Non-Monogamy, and Casual Sex, 1999 (ISBN13: 9781560231202)
  • Ellen Cole & Esther D Rothblum & Linda Sutton: Love Matters A Book of Lesbian Romance and Relationships (Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies), 1999 (ISBN13: 9781560239185)
  • Marny Hall: The Lesbian Love Companion : How to Survive Everything From Heartthrob to Heartbreak, 1998 (ISBN13: 9780062514318)
  • Joyce M. Gayles: The Dating Dance A Guide for Women Dating Women, 1998 (ISBN13: 9780966326406)
  • Rhona Sacks: The Art of Meeting Women: A Guide for Gay Women How to Meet the Women You Want to Meet, 1998 (ISBN13: 9780966069808
  • Liz Tracey & Sydney Pokorny & Valerie Shaff: So You Want to be a Lesbian?, 1996 (ISBN13: 9780312144234)
  • Celeste West: Lesbian Polyfidelity A Pleasure Guide for the Woman Whose Heart Is Open to Multiple, Concurrent Sexualoves, or How to Keep Non-Monogamy Safe, Sane, Honest & Laughing, You Rogue!, 1995 (ISBN13: 9780912932156)

Kirjoja naisen seksuaalisuudesta (hetero-oletus):

  • Emily Nagoski: Come as You Are The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life, 2015 (ISBN13: 9781476762098)
  • Natalie Angier: Woman An Intimate Geography (Revised and Updated), 2014 (ISBN13: 9781844089901)
  • Naomi Wolf: Vagina A New Biography, 2013 (ISBN13: 9781844086894)
  • Sheri Winston: Women's Anatomy of Arousal Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure, 2011 (ISBN 9780578033952)
  • Kari Heusala: Naisen orgasmi, 2008 (ISBN13: 9789520101947)
  • Kari Heusala: Naisen seksuaalisuus, 2003 (ISBN13: 9789524712538)
  • Betty Dodson: Sex for One The Joy of Selfloving, 1996 (ISBN13: 9780517886076)

Seksuaalivähemmistötkin huomioivaa kirjallisuutta seksistä:

  • Carl Frankel (Toim.): Secrets of the Sex Masters, 2014 (ISBN13: 9780989813846
  • The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy How To Have Incredible Sex With Role Play, Sex Games, Erotic Massage, BDSM Play and Much, Much More, 2014 (ISBN13: 9781627780414)
  • Sandhya Mulchandani: The Same Sex Kama Sutra, 2006  (ISBN13: 9788174363855)
  • Anne Semans & Cathy Winks: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex The Most Complete Sex Manual Ever Written, 2002 (ISBN13: 9781573441582)
  • Carol Queen: Exhibitionism for the Shy Show Off, Dress Up, and Talk Hot, 1995 (ISBN13: 9780940208162)

Seksologian klassikoita:

Suomenkielistä seksologista kirjallisuutta:

  • Dan Apter, Leena Väisälä, Kari Kaimola (toim.): Seksuaalisuus, 2007 (ISBN13: 9789516562159)

Muuta suomenkielistä kirjallisuutta:

  • Linda De Villers: Miten tulla paremmaksi rakastajaksi, 2006  (ISBN13: 9789529965229)
  • Tiina Tuppurainen, Antti Kauppinen, Sanna Paakkanen: Liukuvoidetta ja laatuaikaa Parisuhdeopas homoksi, lesboksi tai heteroksi aikoville, 2009 (ISBN13: 9789512079612)